This highly experiential group uses geek culture to chart our mission

Geek Therapy is a concept promoted by Josué Cardona, who curates the Geek Therapy Blog and hosts the Geek Therapy Podcast to celebrate "How geek culture is saving the world."  Inspired by his work, this group is designed to employ our geeky passions to stimulate personal growth toward becoming engaged citizens of the future.

The group’s mission is:

  • To foster community, engagement, participation, collaboration, insight and creativity.
  • To explore identity, aspirations and personal responsibility. 
  • To cultivate wisdom and tools to navigate human (and non-human) relationships and life transitions.
  • To honor non-conformity and build empathy.

Each week brings a new theme, these themes are decided upon by group members and become the territories for our ongoing mission. The themes come from Sci-Fi, Superheroes, RPGs, Midnight Movies, Cult TV, Comics, and Video Games.

What: Weekly 2 hour group sessions include group discussion, reflective writing, role-play, games and art-making 

When: 7:00pm-9:00pm Tuesdays

Where: Convenient Noe Valley Location

Cost: $50/session

For more information or to enroll call Doug at 415-902-5683.

No geek experience necessary. All are welcome!

Geek Therapy Compass