Fall 2014 Workshops

In addition to individual and couples therapy, I also facilitate fun and educational workshops that promote healthy relationships and personal growth. 

Creature Comforts & Sublime Mysteries

What can we learn from The Invisible Man on the subject of our inhibitions? What can Carrie tell us about the tyranny of harassment? What can King Kong teach us about love?  What lessons relating to human somatic experience can be gleaned from the movement of zombies, werewolves and daikaiju?

Celebrate the Wonder & Wisdom of Movie Monsters!


Venture beyond the hero’s journey to the wisdom in the monster’s journey.  The unforgettable monster characters of cinema have much to teach us about identity, grandiosity, difference, solitude, shame,  family dysfunction, and other aspects of being human. 

Through this multi-dimensional exploration you will be invited to:

  • Enjoy film clips from across genres: horror, comedies, dramas, musicals, and animated films, in which monsters appear.  
  • Engage in group discussions with other monster movie fans, share your observations, reflections and personal associations.
  • Learn a unique epistemology of monsters and hear about the various ways monster movies have been interpreted and used in psychology and cultural studies.
  • Write; using dynamic writing exercises, explore the roles these cinematic creatures have played in our private and public worlds.
  • Play with art and experiential exercises that deepen the meaning of these modern myths.

Come and stretch your appreciation and connection with these models of the imagination!

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2014 1:00-7:00PM

2269 Market Street, San Francisco, CA

Cost (includes materials and light snacks): $50

To learn more visit Monster Movie Salon

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Couples in the Kitchen

Couples in the Kitchen (CITK) offers a variety of events to promote quality romantic relationships, while allowing for diverse individual cooking and eating styles.  We offer playful workshops with professional facilitation, a process that combines proven kitchen strategies and communication building. These workshops are co-facilitated by Teresa Brown, Certified Nutritional Consultant and Doug Ronning, MFT. 

Savoring Differences Workshop

Explore how food differences can lovingly share the same kitchen

Designed by a couples therapist and a nutritionist, this workshop offers practical solutions for couples with eating differences - solutions that accentuate what works, while introducing alternative ways to communicate about these differences.  Married... partnered... dating... Discover ways to dialogue that create collaboration, promote mutual support, and reflect the love you share. 


Side by Side – You, Me and ED

A workshop for couples sharing a kitchen with eating disorder recovery

The couples that attend this two-part workshop will explore what is and isn’t working in their current communication around meals and the kitchen and learn tools that enhance collaboration, foster partnership, support each other, and reflect the love they share.  In a nurturing environment that encompasses many ways of being, couples are encouraged to identify and express their needs when planning, shopping, preparing and sharing meals through a communication process that can be flexible with the changes that occur in eating disorder recovery.   Please note that a 15 minute pre-interview by telephone is required prior to attending this ED recovery workshop.


Couples in the Kitchen – Bring It On!

An adventure with love, creativity and flavor

Celebrate your love in a beautiful location, with great flavors and potential.  No matter what your specialties, gifts, talents or challenges… bring it on!   You will be met with a Holistic Nutrition & Kitchen Coach and Communications Coach, just to spice up the fun and fine tune what’s important for you.



CITK develops a variety of events that help cultivate loving and romantic relationships, while exploring (and allowing for) diverse individual eating and cooking styles.

CITK offers playful workshops that are structured to provide a safe place to learn, explore and discuss ways of gathering and preparing foods.

We believe that couples have the inherent resources (personal awareness, knowledge and experience) to overcome the impasses they face and deepen their relationships. CITK is committed to helping couples access these resources by expanding effective communication, building collaboration and facilitating the expression of personal needs and desires.

We believe that each individual has their own history, experience, patterns, desires, beliefs and goals when it comes to being in the kitchen.  CITK understands that ways with foods and eating is often in a process of change, and is committed to meeting each individual where they currently are, with no intentions of using this time and space to make directives with foods or eating.

CITK welcomes each partner to come as they are, and explore how they can bring more fun, love and understanding to their shared kitchen space.

CITK events are open to all couples, dating, cohabiting, premarital, engaged, or married and is inclusive of all genders and sexual orientations – straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered.

For additional information on any of these workshops, please call Doug Ronning at (415) 902-5638.